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Professional Profile


I’m a versatile audiovisual producer with over 13 years of experience in creating vibrant and creative audiovisual projects for cinema, television, advertising, social media, photography, education, and podcasting. I have multiple skills in storytelling, screenwriting, film production, and team leadership.

For the past 3 years, I have been working at an innovative tech startup, where I have created engaging and effective Edutainment and Advertainment projects that have boosted user acquisition, website traffic, and customer loyalty. In addition, in my previous projects, I have worked as a university professor, film director, cinematographer, producer, and photographer.

Experiencia destacada
  • Platzi, video content creator y audiovisual producer

  • MadLove Group Film Factory. Largometraje “Poker” (2010-2011)Parte del equipo de Post-producción y dirección making of.

  • Programa de televisión "Historias con futuro" para Señal Institucional. Productor

  •  Programa de televisión "Camelladores" para Canal 13 Realizador camarógrafo

  • Serie de Televisión realizada en cine digital "Bazurto" para Caracol TV

  • Segundo Asistente de cámara, videoassist. Comerciales para Televisión rodados en cine Congo Films


-Largometraje "El homicidio 13"


-Documental "Viva Cachacero"


-Cortometraje "Gato por Liebre"


-Cortometraje "Trepo"


-Videoclip "Más" por Kid Kandela


-Videoclip "My City" por Superboykiller


-Reality Musical TV  "El Round"

 Director de Fotografía

-Cortometraje "Elizabeth"

 Director de Fotografía



T- 310 224 40 42

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